ARMYTRIX BMW M235I Exhaust Video

The guys over at Vivid Racing installed a catback exhaust system on this beautiful blue BMW M235I.  Article below:

Our customer just purchased this beautiful Esotril Blue BMW M235i and was seeking a new exhaust that would harvest the potential of the BMW’s N55 engine. He brought it over to Vivid Racing where we set him up with an Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust system that would exceed his expectations.

Since the Armytrix exhaust system is valved it features the ability to change sound characteristics all from the push of a button. One of the other very exciting features that is signature to the Armytrix is their mobile app that connects your smartphone to the vehicle giving you control of your exhaust and access to vehicle data such as trouble codes, boost pressure, air fuel ratio and more!

After we finished the installation and gathered our sound clips and photos we handed the keys back to our customer and this is his review of the Armytrix exhaust:

“I love the Armytrix Super Sport Valvetronic Exhaust installed on the M235i installed yesterday. Great to have the subtle, non-distracting light down near the hood release that lets me know the status of the system at any given moment. Valves closed it is exactly as discrete as the OEM/stock system. Valves open it sounds sublime—I especially love the burble when I back off the throttle & the sound when I tromp it is just gorgeous—loud but only in that great mechanical symphony sort of way. Just wanted you to know how totally pleased I am & I’m also psyched to download the app from Armytrix on-line. Thanks a lot for encouraging me to get a great product that enhances an already kick-butt car.”




















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