Mercedes C63S AMG Edition One Gets ARMYTRIX Race Downpipes Installed – MR-Chiptech Tuning

The all new C63s coupe is one tough German sports coupe. The W205 has improved its engine configuration for its AMG models, which actually lowered the displacement. The old 6.2L was amazing for sound, and raw N/A power, but is no match for the new M177/M178 replacement. They went for a 4.0L v8 which has a twin turbo set up (BiTurbo). This allowed for increased power and better fuel economy. More importantly for enthusiasts, more opportunity for POWER!

ARMYTRIX got the ball rolling quickly, developing a cat back exhaust system for this vehicle and race downpipes. It’s common knowledge that for a forced induction vehicle, efficiency and flow are key to making big numbers. The race downpipes will eliminate the largest restrictions right after the turbo chargers. This results in quicker spool up and more power throughout the rev range. The cat-back exhaust system offers intoxicating noises which can be directly controlled via the iphone application or supplied remotes.

Take a look at the insane power this C63S makes on the dyno below. You will not be disappointed in the sound output and insane power these downpipes help to provide!

These exhaust systems are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here –


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