JackUltraMotive Get’s his Focus RS Hooked up with an ARMYTRIX Valvetronic System

Youtube user @JackUltraMotive recently released a video showing the installation steps of his ARMYTRIX exhaust system on his Ford Focus RS. Jack Ultras channel primarily focuses on cars and video games. He is a younger user who has created quite the name for himself doing Vlogs and streaming.  Jack does weekly “challenge” style videos with popular racing games such as Forza, Forza Horizon and GTA5. He also dives into car culture and the realm of high end super cars.

This particular video is a Vlog style, which goes through the installation process of his new exhaust system. His friend takes care of the technical portion while he comments and tapes the progress. This is the first modification he has done to the vehicle, but this is not going to be the last. Check out the video posted below and be sure to check back for updates on this build!

These are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here – https://www.armytrixusa.com/contact/

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