Mercedes W205 C300 Sedan with ARMYTRIX Valvetronic Exhaust System – By Best Performance PL

The W205 Mercedes C-Class brought new styling and amenities to the outgoing and aging W204. This vehicle now has gone up market due to the release of the entry level CLA. The C-Class now has more premium options previously found in the larger E and S class models. Along with more options, they also offer a plethora of trim and engine options. In the United states we received the C300 (Turbo I4), C450 / C400 / C43 (TT V6) and C63 (TT V8) for gasoline engine options / trims.

The C300 is great for those who want a nice and balanced ride, as well as a lower cost of entry. The turbocharged 4 cylinder engine produces a good amount of power and torque, while maintaining great efficiency. Since this is a Mercedes Benz, they have made the vehicle very comfortable and quiet. This pleases the masses of consumers who will purchase this vehicles and not modify it, but enthusiasts always want more out of their vehicles.

To improve the performance of the vehicle and enhance the engine note, a performance exhaust system is needed. ARMYTRIX produces one of the best options for this particular application. The system incorporates mandrel bends to improve flow and the unique valve set up offers unparalleled control of the exhaust note. This turns the turbo 4 C300 into an exotic sounding vehicle with the performance to match. Check out this modified C300 posted below, make sure to contact us with any questions or inquires you may have.

These exhaust systems are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here –



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