Porsche 991 Turbo S Cabriolet Video with Dyno

Just finished the install of this 991 Turbo S system at Vivid Racing complete with dyno testing.  The sound byte comparing with the valves open and closed is pretty distinctive and definitely a benefit for the Cabriolet owners.  Check out the Video and Install Photos below!

McLaren 570S Wrapped in Gold Making Loud Noises

The McLaren doesn't need much to stand out on the street, but the gold wrapped 570S below goes above and beyond. The gorgeous and attention-grabbing gold reflective chrome is not the only thing that will tantalize your senses. This McLaren 570S is e...

Porsche 981 Cayman S with Matte Black Tips Installed

One of our dealers just sent in these photos of a customers Porsche 981 Cayman S sporting the catback ARMYTRIX exhaust with our stealth matte black exhaust tips.  The exhaust is a very easy install on the 981 Porsche and brings the car to life with ...

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