ArmyTrix Porsche 991.2 Carrera Valvetronic Exhaust – New Product Release

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The newly released Porsche 991.2 Carrera is a huge step for the companies 911 range. They have moved from the tried and true naturally aspirated flat 6 and have moved to forced induction throughout the range. Previously the turbo and GT2 models were the only factory equipped turbo cars. They also cost quite the premium over the standard 911. With a slightly down sized motor and two turbos, the new 911 has a ton of potential, even with stock components. For those wanting more power, creating less restrictions after the turbo is the first thing to do. Armytrix has just released an exhaust that does just that, allows your car to breath. With the high flow exhaust and valvetronic muffler system, you get the sound and performance you want. For more information and sound clips, check out the media below. This system was just released and is going to be available to the public very shortly.

MSRP $4280 (P92C2-DD + P92C2-DS41C)

Armytrix is dedicated to bring the finest Porsche 991.2 Carrera S Valvetronic exhaust upgrade to the aftermarket scene. We subtracted the unnecessary weight from the stock system. The attention to detail can be readily witnessed on the masterfully welded connections. Heavily engineered from the front all the way to the rear exits, this system functions as a single minded unit; to boost the vehicle’s power and sound. The smoothness of the flow generates considerable horsepower and torque gains without suffering much from back pressure. Amplification of ferocious sounds across the rev range provides new stimulation to the auditory system.

When the lights dim, the spotlight hits, all eyes are on you, feel the rush of adrenaline, the surge of exhaust audio overwhelms the airwave. The free flowing nature of our exhaust offers an escape route for the most primal sound to emerge directly from the engine. A deep timbre defines the lower revs, a hypnotic purr, the prelude for the incoming devastation. Full throttle engaged, an immediate F1 style audio pitch invades and occupies your auditory system; drowning out the thoughts of doubts and disbelief. Convert non-believers into fanatics, the journey has just begun.

Amplified performance, enhanced versatility, optimized efficiency; everything we offer serves the sole purpose of tuning your vehicle to become “combat-ready” for the ever changing streets. Precisely designed and masterfully crafted, we bring the revolution to the home front.

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