Video: Ferrari F12 Equipped with Armytrix Catless Exhaust System

It’s no secret that the Ferrari F12’s 6.3L V12 is an absolute monster of an engine. Ferrari was able to get an insane 731 horsepower from this engine without help from forced induction. Straight from the factory the F12 sound pretty good, but us enthusiasts know there is a crazy exhaust note hidden in there somewhere. Armytrix was able to extract this exhaust noise, and it’s even better than expected.

Just recently we reposted a short video of an F12 equipped with our catless full titanium exhaust system on our Instagram page. In the video, the driver gets the chance to go full throttle inside a tunnel and the sound is absolutely incredible. The downshifts are extremely sharp and sound a little bit like an F1 car. Check the video out below!

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