Video: 2018 991.2 Carrera S Spitting Flames with Armytrix Exhaust

As Porsche moves towards turbocharged engines across their lineup of vehicles, including their coveted 911, a lot of enthusiasts were worried that these new Porsches would sound terrible compared to the old naturally aspirated Porsches. Although there may be some people out there who refuse to think turbocharged engines sound good, most of us have accepted this new turbocharged sound from Porsche and have learned to love it. Straight from the factory, the Carrera sounds pretty good, but it’s on the quiet side. The problem with many aftermarket exhausts is finding a middle ground between the exhaust being too loud and too quiet. This is where the Armytrix Valvetronic exhaust comes in, which allows you to change the volume on the fly.

Our Valvetronic system works by using a valve to direct the exhaust gases through a muffler or to bypass the muffler. With the valves closed, your Carrera with still be relatively quiet, but with the valves opened it turns in an absolute monster. On top of the awesome sound under loud, while engine braking these new Carrera’s love to pop and spit flames. Check out the quick dyno run below showing off this exhaust!

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Video: Ferrari 458 Featuring Armytrix Exhaust Hooning

Just like every year, SEMA was awesome this year. It was full of wild cars and cool new products. JP Euro, an automotive repair and collision company based in Texas built a sweet Ferrari 458 which featured all sorts of cool stuff including a widebody kit and an Armytrix exhaust. Although SEMA 2017 has long passed, that doesn’t mean JP Euro isn’t still having fun with their SEMA car.

Just recently, they shared a short video showing off how well their 458 can slay some tires. Combined with an Armytrix exhaust, the sights and sounds are absolutely awesome. Check it out below!

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Sneak Peak: Armytrix Exhaust for Porsche 971 Panamera Turbo V6

You’ve asked for it and Armytrix is going to deliver – new Porsche 971 exhaust systems are coming! From the factory, the 971 Panamera is definitely on the quiet side. Armytrix is pretty well known for being able to crank the volume up on just about any vehicle. Just like our other exhaust systems, this new one for the 971 includes our Valvetronic system. This will allow you to change the tone of your exhaust with the press of a button, whenever you want!

Test fitment has now been confirmed and production has begun. Preorder your 971 Panamera Armytrix exhaust before they’re sold out! Check out the video below to get an idea of how awesome this new exhaust system really sounds.

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Video: Audi RS7 with an Armytrix Exhaust System

If you want a high-end luxury vehicle, a twin-turbo V8 engine, four doors, and lots of space, then the Audi RS7 has your name written all over it. With a 4.0L twin turbo it outputs massive amounts of both horsepower and torque, but us enthusiasts always want more. We want more sound, more power, better looks, better handling, etc. Getting more power, sound, and better looks all with one product is even better.

Just recently, the guys over at Envision put an Armytrix exhaust system on their Audi RS7. Sometime after installation, they put a short video on Instagram of the gauges during full throttle acceleration. From the inside of the car, you can hear just how amazing the Arrytrix exhaust system sounds. The transmission shifts sound absolutely brutal and the pops/crackles during engine braking also sound awesome. Be sure to check out the video below and give Envision a follow!

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Video: Ferrari F12 Equipped with Armytrix Catless Exhaust System

It’s no secret that the Ferrari F12’s 6.3L V12 is an absolute monster of an engine. Ferrari was able to get an insane 731 horsepower from this engine without help from forced induction. Straight from the factory the F12 sound pretty good, but us enthusiasts know there is a crazy exhaust note hidden in there somewhere. Armytrix was able to extract this exhaust noise, and it’s even better than expected.

Just recently we reposted a short video of an F12 equipped with our catless full titanium exhaust system on our Instagram page. In the video, the driver gets the chance to go full throttle inside a tunnel and the sound is absolutely incredible. The downshifts are extremely sharp and sound a little bit like an F1 car. Check the video out below!

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