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Now Available: ARMYTRIX Exhaust Systems for Audi S1 2.0L Turbo

Audi has done a fantastic job with the S1 chassis. The extremely small size and 227 horsepower engine make it really fun to drive. The engine is derived from Volkswagen’s EA888 2.0L turbo cylinder which is very well known for its ability to be tuned. Simple modifications like an intake and exhaust are known for gaining quite a bit of power.

The one complaint many Audi S1 owners have is lack of sound. The S1 has to be a luxury car and a sports car. We set out to develop products that would give the S1 a great sound and great performance.

We know many of you out there need your exhaust to be quiet in the morning when you go to work, but loud when it’s time to go fast. Our new exhausts systems use Valvetronic mufflers with a wireless remote so the volume of the exhaust can quickly be adjusted on the fly. We’re also offering the quad tips in a chrome, blue, and matte black finish to really set the look off.

Separate from the full exhaust systems are individual downpipes. We’re introducing a full catless high-performance downpipe for those of you who need to most performance possible. We also offer this new catless downpipe in a ceramic coated finish. Not everyone wants a catless downpipe, so we’re also offering downpipes with 200 cpsi catalytic converters in both a standard finish and a ceramic coated finish.

These exhaust systems offer increased horsepower, improved sound, and a lightweight construction. The Valvetronic muffler is perfect for those of you who need to be quite in the early morning or late night, but want your S1 to be loud when it comes time to put your foot on the gas.


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Kade Speiser is STOKED over his new ARMYTRIX BMW M2 Exhaust System

Photographer and internet sensation Kade Speiser recently had some modifications done to his new F87 BMW M2. West Coast Customs transformed this vehicle giving it upgrades in the styling and performance departments. Even though the vehicle has received a wicked visual transformation, he was most excited about his exhaust system!

We have talked about the F87 exhaust system before and how it completely transforms the BMW M2. It gives you an unrivaled sound coupled with impressive performance gains. The full turbo-back exhaust system with provide the best gains and the valvetronic mufflers give you on demand control of the noise output.

See how stoked Kade was in this video by ARMYTRIX posted below!

Click here to view the product page for the BMW M2 exhaust system

These are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here –

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Mercedes C63S AMG Edition One Gets ARMYTRIX Race Downpipes Installed – MR-Chiptech Tuning

The all new C63s coupe is one tough German sports coupe. The W205 has improved its engine configuration for its AMG models, which actually lowered the displacement. The old 6.2L was amazing for sound, and raw N/A power, but is no match for the new M177/M178 replacement. They went for a 4.0L v8 which has a twin turbo set up (BiTurbo). This allowed for increased power and better fuel economy. More importantly for enthusiasts, more opportunity for POWER!

ARMYTRIX got the ball rolling quickly, developing a cat back exhaust system for this vehicle and race downpipes. It’s common knowledge that for a forced induction vehicle, efficiency and flow are key to making big numbers. The race downpipes will eliminate the largest restrictions right after the turbo chargers. This results in quicker spool up and more power throughout the rev range. The cat-back exhaust system offers intoxicating noises which can be directly controlled via the iphone application or supplied remotes.

Take a look at the insane power this C63S makes on the dyno below. You will not be disappointed in the sound output and insane power these downpipes help to provide!

These exhaust systems are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here –


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Color Changing MK3 Audi TT 2.0T with Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust System

The TT is a sports orientated car from Audi which is offered in both a two door coupe and soft top roadster. This vehicle fills the gap in their line up of vehicles which provides both performance and practicality. The styling and looks are subjective, but many agree that these vehicles have improved drastically over the years. Visually, they are quite stunning and take styling cues from its larger brother the R8. This little car is now on its third platform in 17 years, so it has proved the test of time.

Being that this is an Audi, the designers wanted to make it comfortable and quiet for potential owners. This is a luxury segment vehicle, so these things are expected. By adding more sound deadening and quieting up the engine / exhaust, they are able to make this vehicle nearly silent while running. This is not ideal for the enthusiast who wants to hear and feel the vehicle while they are driving.

To Improve the overall exhaust note, increase performance and upgrade the driving experience, an ARMYTRIX exhaust system is available for the full range of Audi TT vehicles. This exhaust system will free up lost horsepower by increasing flow and minimizing restrictive bends. You also get the audible upgrade which is controllable via the application or remote system.

Listen to this ARMYTRIX equipped 2.0T Audi TT in the video below, this will give you a little glimpse of the performance and noise you will get from this exhaust system. You will not be disappointed!

These are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here –


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BMW F87 M2 Gets a Full Turbo Back Exhaust System Installed – Video and Pictures included

The F87 M2 is the all new M-Car from the Bavarian Automaker BMW. In the belly of the beast lies their tried and true N55 power powerplant, which is a turbocharged straight 6. This engine has been placed in numerous BMW models and has been known to produce great horsepower numbers and have a smooth torque band all the way to redline. In its modified-factory form, the M2 N55 engine produces 365Hp and 343lb-ft of torque, which is no slouch. To further improve upon these numbers, ARMYTRIX has created an exhaust system the frees up restrictions and improves the sound coming from the engine. When the exhaust valves are closed, you get a sporty low tone that sound amazing while cruising the streets. Open up the exhaust valves and hell is unleashed in the form of exhaust pops, bangs and gurgles. Vivid Racing recently did an installation of this new exhaust and have documented their progress with detailed pictures and videos which are posted below. Do yourself a favor and listen to this Exhaust system in action as this M2 roasts it’s tires and does some hard 0-60 launches.

These are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here –



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