Watch this RC-F Roast its Tires and make loud Noises with the ARMYTRIX Header-back Exhaust – JP Performance

JP Performance is a well known tuner located on the other side of the pond in Dormund, Germany.  Recently on his YouTube channel he showcased the new RC-F which is a sports orientated coupe from Lexus, featuring a 5.0L V8 engine. Being that this vehicle is Lexus branded, it comes from the factory with a mellow, tame and rather boring exhaust note. Since this vehicle is going to be used primarily for cruising and long distance driving, they wanted an exhaust system that could be civil yet extreme when it needs to be.

ARMYTRIX has the perfect solution to this problem with their header-back valvetronic exhaust. With on demand flap control and integrated automatic settings, you can unleash those v8 noises whenever you feel necessary to do so. Calm while cruising and a total beast when the exhaust valves open up. Watch JP shred tires and make a ton of noise in this beautiful blue Lexus RC-F Coupe in the video posted below.

These exhaust systems are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here –

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