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New Armytrix Exhaust Application: Porsche 718 Cayman GTS

As time goes on, the Porsche 911 has gotten quite a bit larger. This has caused quite a few Porsche enthusiasts to opt for the smaller Porsche Cayman. As an enthusiast, you always know a car can be improved with some aftermarket modifications. One of the best modifications you can do to improve horsepower and the overall driving experience is an exhaust system. The problem with many exhaust systems is the sound being too loud or too quiet. Armytrix has worked around this problem with their Valvetronic design which allows you to change the tone of your exhaust on the fly.

  • 7lbs lighter than the stock exhaust
  • Valvetronic mufflers
  • High quality T304 stainless build
  • Includes wireless remotes for the Valvetronic system

Armytrix already offers a Valvetronic exhaust system for the 718 Cayman S and Boxster. With many of the 718 Cayman GTS now being delivered to their owners, Armytrix has now confirmed fitment for the GTS model.

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Mercedes Benz GLE63 AMG Coupe Snarls and Pops with the ARMYTRIX Valvetronic Exhaust System

The new AMG 63 models from Mercedes Benz pack some serious punch when you put the pedal down. The 6.2L V8 found in these vehicles has two turbocharges attached which produce insane amounts of horsepower and torque. From the factory the GLE63 is very refined and tailored to the average consumer. This makes the vehicle overly quiet and provides very little feedback for the driver. The driving experience will completely change with an ARMYTRIX exhaust system installed on the vehicle.

This GLE63 recently had an ARMYTRIX Valvetronic exhaust system installed and the results are quite impressive. This system has larger tubing which allows for improved flow over factory piping, which helps produce higher power numbers. The on demand valve system can adjust the tone of the exhaust on the fly, or you can set it to automatic mode for carefree operation. Full stainless construction will help with weight savings over the OEM unit while staying beautiful for years to come.

Check out the videos and pictures posted below of the new system installed on this GLE63. Once you hear the difference in sound and tone, you will never want to go back to that stock system again. This is the ARMYTRIX way – Automotive Weaponized!

These exhaust systems are set to be released in the next few months and will soon be available from ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here –



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Porsche 991 Turbo S ARMYTRIX Exhaust Installed

The guys over at Vault Motorsports Group (VMG) just finished installing this awesome ARMYTRIX exhaust on a Porsche 991 Turbo S.  The valvetronic exhaust bolts up to the stock turbos and allows control of the exhaust tone with the ARMYTRIX OBDII module and app.  With the exhaust valves open, the car roars straight out of the turbochargers bypassing the muffler.  The straight pipe exit is like adding 20 horsepower from the free flowing exhaust setup.  Check out the side by side comparison and install pics below!

  • P91TT-QS35B

    ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic Exhaust System Quad Chrome Silver Tips Porsche 991 Turbo | Turbo S 14-16

    $4,880.00Add to cart

  • ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic Exhaust System Quad Matte Black Tips Porsche 991 Turbo | Turbo S 14-16

    ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic Exhaust System Quad Matte Black Tips Porsche 991 Turbo | Turbo S 14-16

    $5,170.00Add to cart

  • ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic Exhaust System Quad Titanium Blue Tips Porsche 991 Turbo | Turbo S 14-16

    ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic Exhaust System Quad Titanium Blue Tips Porsche 991 Turbo | Turbo S 14-16

    $5,170.00Add to cart


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BMW M5 F10 ARMYTRIX Exhaust Dyno Video

The BMW F10 M5 is one of the fastest sedans on the market.  Its 4.4L twin turbo engine cranks out over 500 horsepower.  Add in a ECU tune and the ARMYTRIX exhaust, you get a 600 horsepower monster!  Vivid Racing shot this video of them testing out the Armytrix exhaust on the dyno and discussing how the iphone APP works to control the exhaust valves from quiet to loud.  The full exhaust system includes downpipes and this one is finished with matte black tips.  Check out the video and install photos below!

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Bergen Imports Mercedes GLA45 AMG with ARMYTRIX

ARMYTRIX Dealer, Bergen Imports, hooked up this Mercedes GLA45 AMG with one of our catback exhaust systems.  The valvetronic catback exhaust allows you to open and close the valves with our Key FOB or bluetooth OBDII app to switch between quiet and loud sounds.  All stainless steel, the new exhaust still gives that awesome deceleration crackle that that AMG 45 is known for.  In addition, they also did an aftermarket ECU flash for more performance.  Check out the sound difference below between the stock and ARMYTRIX exhaust revs!



ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic Catback Exhaust System Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG X156 14-17

$2,880.00 Add to cart

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