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Throtl X Armytrix: Dealer Spotlight | BMW M2 Competition

When the BMW M2 first came out, it featured BMW’s N55 turbocharged straight-six engine. Due to a number of reasons, BMW had to switch over to the S55 for the M2 competition. While the upgraded is great in theory, it has one negative consequence: the S55 exhaust sounds terrible compared to the N55 exhaust.

Luckily, giving your M2 Competition an incredible exhaust note is as simple as upgrading the exhaust system. For our friends and dealer over at Throtl, an Armytrix exhaust was the perfect solution for their M2 Comp. This exhaust system includes a front pipe, mid pipe, Valvetronic mufflers, quad carbon tips, and our wireless remote kit.

The entire system is constructed from high-quality stainless piping. The tips are constructed from carbon fiber and help give the M2 Competition a more premium appearance. Best of all, it features our Valvetronic system which allows you to easily change how loud your M2 sounds. Check out the video below from Throtl installing and testing the full Armytrix Valvetronic exhaust!

Bryce Cleveland Oct 19, 2020 ARMYTRIX USA 0 Comment Read More

GoldenRCF x Armytrix USA: Customer Spotlight

As many of you know, the RCF is one of Lexus’ best modern performance cars yet. It’s well balanced, loaded with awesome features, and packs a 5.0L V8 under the hood. Because Lexus is a luxury brand, all their cars, including the RCF, have relatively quiet exhaust systems. For RCF owners who want to make their car sound like a proper sports car, an aftermarket exhaust system is an absolute must.

For many owners, our Armytrix Valvetronic exhaust system is the most popular choice. With the Valvetronic system, you can take your RCF from quiet in the neighborhood to loud on the street with the simple press of a button. For @goldenrcf, Armytrix was the perfect solution to let the 5.0L V8 breathe easier and sound like a proper performance machine.

Other awesome mods on this RCF include Air Runner air suspension, Rocket Bunny widebody kit, AG Luxury wheels, and much more! Be sure to check out the photos below.

Learn more and order your Lexus RCF Armytrix Exhaust Here!



Bryce Cleveland Oct 06, 2020 ARMYTRIX USA 0 Comment Read More

New Audi A7 C8 Exhaust Now Available!

The Audi A7 C8 is like an ultra-refined, luxurious limousine in a sleek design. With its state of the art technology equipped, the Audi A7 C8 offers both functionality and aesthetics. The ARMYTRIX’s supreme exhaust will complete this chic yet powerful vehicle with its high-performance Valvetronic cat-back system and downpipes.

The ARMYTRIX Audi A7 C8 cat-back system comes with five different colorways that you can choose to further customize your vehicle with chrome, blue, matte black, gold, and carbon tips. Show your personality with the tips of your choice!

To fully unleash the power within the Audi A7 C8, the de-catted downpipe will be the one you are looking for. The unfiltered roar is unmatched by any other. There is also the 200 CPSI option for those in regions with stricter restrictions, but the power will still undoubtedly be incredible.

  • Downpipe Available Catted or With Cat Simulator
  • Downpipe Available with Ceramic Coated Finish
  • Tips Available in Carbon, Blue, Chrome, Gold, or Matte Black.

*Note that the quad-tips fit S7 rear diffusers only.

Bryce Cleveland Aug 06, 2020 ARMYTRIX HQ, ARMYTRIX USA, Audi, Dealer News 0 Comment Read More

Calvin Car Diary X Armytrix Collaboration

As you probably know by now, many entertainers and personalities in the automotive world have moved from TV to YouTube. Thanks to the rise of YouTube, thousands of automotive personalities have been created in the last few years, with many of them modifying their high-end projects with Armytrix exhaust systems.

Armytrix’s latest collaboration with Calvin’s Car Diary involves a full Armytrix Valvetronic exhaust system on his BMW F13 M6. As you can imagine, this took his BMW from a quiet and tame sports car to an animal on the streets. Thanks to our Valvetronic system, he can still choose to close the valves and keep the exhaust nearly as quiet as it was stock.

Our exhaust system for the F13 M6 is constructed from high-quality T304 stainless steel which is significantly lighter than the stock exhaust system. The full system includes the front Y-Pipe, mid X-pipe, Valvetronic mufflers, wireless remotes, and quad tips.

With increased flow throughout the entire system, you can expect massive power gains, up to 30hp, with an Armytrix exhaust installed. The quad tips are available carbon, gold, blue-coated, chrome silver, and matte black!

Learn more and order your BMW F13 Armytrix Exhaust Here!

Bryce Cleveland Jul 07, 2020 ARMYTRIX HQ, ARMYTRIX USA 0 Comment Read More

Alex Choi’s 720S Gets an Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust

As you probably know, many young automotive YouTuber’s have quickly risen to fame with loud, fast, and wild exotics. Alex Choi is one of these young YouTubers who has made a name for himself building wild exotic cars and occasionally get in trouble law enforcement.

One of his more recent build is McDaddy McLaren 720S, which recently had an Armytrix exhaust added to it, to give it an awesome sound and more power. With that has come a few great videos which show off the car, the build, and Alex’s life.

YouTuber Shmee150 first introduces Alex Choi’s newly upgraded McLaren 720s and goes on an epic drive around LA to show off the supercar in full throttle.

The McDaddy is then featured on Daily Driven Exotics where Alex takes it out for a spin along with INSANELY loud pops and bangs on the drive.

Adding on to the insane exhaust upgrade, Alex turns the McDaddy into a fire breathing machine and shows off the valvetronic system with the remote control to get the BRUTAL V8 Sound!

Bryce Cleveland May 28, 2020 ARMYTRIX USA 0 Comment Read More