Alex Choi’s 720S Gets an Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust

  Bryce Cleveland   May 28, 2020   ARMYTRIX USA   0 Comment

As you probably know, many young automotive YouTuber’s have quickly risen to fame with loud, fast, and wild exotics. Alex Choi is one of these young YouTubers who has made a name for himself building wild exotic cars and occasionally get in trouble law enforcement.

One of his more recent build is McDaddy McLaren 720S, which recently had an Armytrix exhaust added to it, to give it an awesome sound and more power. With that has come a few great videos which show off the car, the build, and Alex’s life.

YouTuber Shmee150 first introduces Alex Choi’s newly upgraded McLaren 720s and goes on an epic drive around LA to show off the supercar in full throttle.

The McDaddy is then featured on Daily Driven Exotics where Alex takes it out for a spin along with INSANELY loud pops and bangs on the drive.

Adding on to the insane exhaust upgrade, Alex turns the McDaddy into a fire breathing machine and shows off the valvetronic system with the remote control to get the BRUTAL V8 Sound!

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