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TJ Hunt Installs an Armytrix Valvetronic Titanium Exhaust on His Lamborghini Aventador

TJ Hunt has been documenting every step of the modification process of his new Lamborghini Aventador. Although agreeing the factory exhaust sounds decent, he decided to take it a step further. What is most impressive is that he tackled this install by himself with some help from his friends at Throtl.

We teamed up with TJ to provide an entertaining install video and bring his Aventador to life. The key with this build is intuitive DIY install videos but on a half-million-dollar vehicle. While the installation was not easy due to the engineering, it shows just how much work it takes to modify a vehicle of this caliber.

Being a bolt-in solution makes a world’s difference especially when dealing with a Lamborghini which has very tight spacing within the engine bay. Opting for our Titanium Valvetronic exhaust system, the titanium construction allows for huge weight savings with the larger diameter tubing.

Without any restriction to the exhaust, TJ was able to achieve massive flames while increasing the performance. The tone from the exhaust provides an aggressive sounding acceleration with elegant pops and bangs after letting off the throttle. To be discrete the valves can be closed off for a mellow, factory, sounding exhaust.

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Video: Goonzquad Huracan Armytrix Titanium Exhaust

When it comes to exotic performance cars, the Lamborghini Huracan is one of the most popular vehicles on the market right now. With an awesome engine, a great chassis, better-than-average reliability (for an exotic car), all wrapped up in an “affordable” price, it’s no wonder why the Huracan is so popular.

Goonzquad, an automotive YouTube channel which buys and rebuilds cars, recently got their hands on a wrecked Huracan. Through the process of repairing and rebuilding their Huracan, they also added an Armytrix titanium exhaust system.

As shown in their YouTube video, an Armytrix titanium exhaust is significantly smaller and lighter than the OEM exhaust. On top of being significantly lighter than the OEM exhaust, the Armytrix exhaust also flows more, resulting in increased power. On top of the performance gains, the Armytrix Valvetronic exhaust sounds much better and louder than the OEM exhaust.

  • Increased exhaust flow
  • More power
  • Lightweight design
  • Valvetronic system

Learn more and order your Armytrix Lamborghini Huracan exhaust here

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Product Overview: Armytrix Titanium Huracan Exhaust

As an automotive enthusiast, you probably know that exhaust flow is key to engine efficiency.. Unfortunately, most automakers can’t just make the best flowing exhaust possible thanks to EPA restrictions. This created the entire aftermarket world of exhaust systems. Even for cars like the Lamborghini Huracan, the OEM exhaust system is restrictive and limits power. The problem with many aftermarket exhaust systems is the overall sound being too high or too low. Once you install the exhaust, it’s hard to make it louder or quieter, leaving you stuck with an exhaust you’re not happy with.

As you probably know, Armytrix does exhaust systems differently by offering Valvetronic exhaust systems which use an exhaust valve to direct the exhaust gas through or around the mufflers. By changing the position of the valve via a remote, the exhaust tone and volume changes on the fly. This means you can keep your exhaust quiet on early mornings or late nights, but open it up and let your Huracan sing on open roads.

Aside from the Valvetronic technology, this exhaust also offers the best build quality possible by using high-end titanium as opposed to stainless steel. By building the entire system out of titanium, it dramatically reduces the total weight of the exhaust. We design the exhaust to improve exhaust flow and exhaust scavenging, which is done with a larger than stock diameter and an overall better design.

We offer the exhaust tips in Black or Titanium Blue. Alternatively, you can also order the exhaust system with no tips and reuse the OEM tips.

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Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 With a Titanium ARMYTRIX Valvetronic Exhaust System

If you are looking for the ultimate exhaust upgrade for your Lamborghini Huracan, your search is officially over. ARMYTRIX has decimated the market with their new Titanium Valvetronic system. Not only does this system give you a significant increase in power, the titanium construction gives you audible pleasure as the revs climb through the RPM range. Not to mention it has a large weight advantage over the factory muffler / exhaust set up.

Posted below is a video of the ARMYTRIX equipped LP610-4 with its V10 engine howling. This is about the closest you can get to hearing this insane system without being there is person. This vehicle is shown doing loud revs, hard accelerations and ripping through tunnels in Chicago. The video sure does not disappoint. This is by far one of the best upgrades you can do to your Lamborghini Huracan.

These exhaust systems are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here – https://www.armytrixusa.com/contact/

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Two Luxury Exotics Receive ARMYTRIX Titanium Exhaust Systems – Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F12 – Platinum Cars

Its not often that you see a Ferrari F12 or Lamborghini  Aventador, let alone both in the same place, getting similar modifications done. These pair of exotic vehicles recently had services done at Platinum Cars UK, getting some new ARMYTRIX Exhaust products installed. Both of the vehicles received an upgrade from the Titanium line of ARMYTRIX exhaust systems. These systems allow for a much better exhaust flow and shed tons of weight off the total vehicle weight. A perfect combination of performance and prestige.

In the video posted below, you will see Platinum Cars install these exhausts on each of the vehicles. Since both of these vehicles have integrated exhaust surrounds that are incorporated into the bumper, installation is a slightly more involved task. These guys tackled the hard work beautifully. As payoff, you get to hear the beautiful noises of the V12 engines in both the Ferrari and Lamborghini.

These exhaust systems are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here – https://www.armytrixusa.com/contact/


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