TJ Hunt Installs an Armytrix Valvetronic Titanium Exhaust on His Lamborghini Aventador

  Bryce Cleveland   May 11, 2020   ARMYTRIX USA   0 Comment

TJ Hunt has been documenting every step of the modification process of his new Lamborghini Aventador. Although agreeing the factory exhaust sounds decent, he decided to take it a step further. What is most impressive is that he tackled this install by himself with some help from his friends at Throtl.

We teamed up with TJ to provide an entertaining install video and bring his Aventador to life. The key with this build is intuitive DIY install videos but on a half-million-dollar vehicle. While the installation was not easy due to the engineering, it shows just how much work it takes to modify a vehicle of this caliber.

Being a bolt-in solution makes a world’s difference especially when dealing with a Lamborghini which has very tight spacing within the engine bay. Opting for our Titanium Valvetronic exhaust system, the titanium construction allows for huge weight savings with the larger diameter tubing.

Without any restriction to the exhaust, TJ was able to achieve massive flames while increasing the performance. The tone from the exhaust provides an aggressive sounding acceleration with elegant pops and bangs after letting off the throttle. To be discrete the valves can be closed off for a mellow, factory, sounding exhaust.

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