Video: Ferrari 458 Featuring Armytrix Exhaust Hooning

Just like every year, SEMA was awesome this year. It was full of wild cars and cool new products. JP Euro, an automotive repair and collision company based in Texas built a sweet Ferrari 458 which featured all sorts of cool stuff including a widebody kit and an Armytrix exhaust. Although SEMA 2017 has long passed, that doesn’t mean JP Euro isn’t still having fun with their SEMA car.

Just recently, they shared a short video showing off how well their 458 can slay some tires. Combined with an Armytrix exhaust, the sights and sounds are absolutely awesome. Check it out below!

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Video: Ferrari F12 Equipped with Armytrix Catless Exhaust System

It’s no secret that the Ferrari F12’s 6.3L V12 is an absolute monster of an engine. Ferrari was able to get an insane 731 horsepower from this engine without help from forced induction. Straight from the factory the F12 sound pretty good, but us enthusiasts know there is a crazy exhaust note hidden in there somewhere. Armytrix was able to extract this exhaust noise, and it’s even better than expected.

Just recently we reposted a short video of an F12 equipped with our catless full titanium exhaust system on our Instagram page. In the video, the driver gets the chance to go full throttle inside a tunnel and the sound is absolutely incredible. The downshifts are extremely sharp and sound a little bit like an F1 car. Check the video out below!

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Two Luxury Exotics Receive ARMYTRIX Titanium Exhaust Systems – Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F12 – Platinum Cars

Its not often that you see a Ferrari F12 or Lamborghini  Aventador, let alone both in the same place, getting similar modifications done. These pair of exotic vehicles recently had services done at Platinum Cars UK, getting some new ARMYTRIX Exhaust products installed. Both of the vehicles received an upgrade from the Titanium line of ARMYTRIX exhaust systems. These systems allow for a much better exhaust flow and shed tons of weight off the total vehicle weight. A perfect combination of performance and prestige.

In the video posted below, you will see Platinum Cars install these exhausts on each of the vehicles. Since both of these vehicles have integrated exhaust surrounds that are incorporated into the bumper, installation is a slightly more involved task. These guys tackled the hard work beautifully. As payoff, you get to hear the beautiful noises of the V12 engines in both the Ferrari and Lamborghini.

These exhaust systems are available immediately through ARMYTRIX USA or recommended dealers.  For more info or to order, please contact us here –


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