Calvin Car Diary X Armytrix Collaboration

As you probably know by now, many entertainers and personalities in the automotive world have moved from TV to YouTube. Thanks to the rise of YouTube, thousands of automotive personalities have been created in the last few years, with many of them modifying their high-end projects with Armytrix exhaust systems.

Armytrix’s latest collaboration with Calvin’s Car Diary involves a full Armytrix Valvetronic exhaust system on his BMW F13 M6. As you can imagine, this took his BMW from a quiet and tame sports car to an animal on the streets. Thanks to our Valvetronic system, he can still choose to close the valves and keep the exhaust nearly as quiet as it was stock.

Our exhaust system for the F13 M6 is constructed from high-quality T304 stainless steel which is significantly lighter than the stock exhaust system. The full system includes the front Y-Pipe, mid X-pipe, Valvetronic mufflers, wireless remotes, and quad tips.

With increased flow throughout the entire system, you can expect massive power gains, up to 30hp, with an Armytrix exhaust installed. The quad tips are available carbon, gold, blue-coated, chrome silver, and matte black!

Learn more and order your BMW F13 Armytrix Exhaust Here!

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Video: Widebody BMW F31 Wagon with Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust

When it comes to BMW performance vehicles, almost everyone lusts after the M3. For those who want a wagon, however, the M3 is out of the question. Luckily, BMW’s standard 3-series has most of the DNA of the M3, and it’s available in a wagon! Of course, the M3 has a much wider and more aggressive body compared to the standard 3-series. Luckily, there are a ton of widebody kits on the market. The gap in performance between the standard 3-series and the M3 can be reduced with bolt-on parts such as an aftermarket exhaust.

As you probably expected, this particular F31 Wagon is equipped with an Armytrix Valvetronic exhaust system. Just like the M3, the inline-6 turbo engine under the hood sounds awesome at idle and under load. The pops and bangs give the F31 a wild, unique, and fun sound. The exhaust isn’t just for sound though! With the increased piping diameter and improved design, exhaust flow is massively improved, resulting in more power and better throttle response. On top of the increase in power and improved throttle response, the lightweight design sheds unnecessary weight which further improves performance. Check out the video below!

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Video: BMW G30 M Sport 540i with ARMYTRIX Cat-Back Exhaust

With BMW’s move towards turbocharged engines in the entire G30 lineup, many enthusiasts have wondered if the new 5-series will live up to the greatness of previous 5-series. A turbocharged engine has potential to produce far more torque than a naturally aspirated engine, but often the sound of a smaller turbocharged engine is what turns enthusiasts away. In the case of the 540i M Sport, there is a 3.0L turbocharged inline-six engine under the hood. In stock form, you can’t really hear the engine at all, but with the addition of an Armytrix Valvetronic catback exhaust, you can crank the exhaust volume up with the press of a button.

Once the exhaust valves have been opened via the included remotes, or through the Armytrix iOS/Android app, the 540i has a very clean, deep, and throaty exhaust sound, which is very similar to the sound of the BMW M2 when equipped with an Armytrix exhaust. Of course, you are driving a large, luxury sedan, and sometimes you want the exhaust to be quiet so you can relax. With the Armytrix remote, you’re able to close the exhaust valves and make the 540i M-Sport sound similar to stock. Be sure to check out the short video below so you can get an idea of how this exhaust system sounds in the real world.

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Introducing The All New BMW 520i/530i Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust System

As time goes on, emissions restrictions are forcing automobile manufacturers to use smaller and more efficient engines. Cars that used to have six-cylinder engines now have turbocharged four-cylinder engines, with more and more consumers picking the smaller engine over the larger engine. A big concern that many enthusiasts have is how the smaller four-cylinder engine will sound when compared to the six-cylinder of the same car. This exact situation is affecting the BMW G30/G31 520i/530i.

Armytrix decided to show the world just how awesome the 520i and 530i sound with a proper exhaust system. Now that the development is completely finished up, this new Valvetronic exhaust system for the G30/G31 is available for purchase. One of the great things about the Valvetronic system found inside an Armytrix exhaust is the ability to change the volume of your exhaust on the fly. This is great if you don’t want to upset your neighbors, but want to let your exhaust sing out on the road.

Separate from the Valvetronix catback exhaust is a new high-performance downpipe. These are offered without a catalytic converter for maximum performance, but a cat simulator is included to keep your engine light from coming on. With increased horsepower, Valvetronic mufflers, and a lightweight construction, the new Armytrix exhaust is a perfect addition to your 520i/530i.

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Video: BMW M2 with Armytrix Valved Exhaust System by Vivid Racing

As time has gone on, BMW M vehicles have gotten quite a bit larger. They have also gotten significantly faster, but some of us enthusiasts want a small M car again. As you can imagine, when BMW showed the world their new M2, enthusiasts went nuts. It was, small, nimble, looked awesome, and had a powerful twin-turbo six-cylinder under the hood.

Of course, when you’re driving such an awesome sports car, you want it to sound good. The problem is finding an exhaust system that’s not too loud or too quiet. Armytrix recognized this problem and developed a valved exhaust for the M2 that allows you to take your M2 from quiet to super loud with the press of a button. Just recently the guys over at Vivid Racing installed one of these valved exhaust systems on one of their customer’s F87 M2, and they put together an awesome video with sounds clips. Check it out below!

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